Personal Growth & Healing Resources

Please call the church office to set up a Pastoral Care Intake Interview. At the Intake Interview, we assess your needs, help you set goals and direct you to the resources to meet those goals. Confidentiality and privacy will be maintained.

We work closely with Grimsby Life Centre and other Christian counseling offices providing professional and therapeutic sessions, which will aid in your healing process. Contact the office for more information

This is a Greek term which means to save, heal and deliver. It is used to describe the ministry of Jesus in Matthew 9:22. Sozo prayer appointments are available to help find freedom from sin and spiritual entanglements, healing, and a deepening of relationship with God. Sessions take about 90 minutes. Healthier, and joyful relationships often result. Call the office: 905‑945‑8888 ext. 221 or book online:

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Social Assistance

Lakemount regularly networks with other churches, local agencies and community services to provide easier access to the right kind of help when needs arise.

We have a food closet on site. If you are in need, please contact 905‑945‑8888 ext. 226.

Emergency, Grief & Crisis Care

We offer support and help with losses, transitions, funeral services and family crises. If you need to speak with a pastor at any time, call us at 905‑945‑8888 ext. 226.

Life Milestones

This is a peer support outreach that encourages and blesses families during child bearing, adoption or miscarriage. Contact Janelle Wood or Sharon Fecik

We value strong healthy marriages. For more information please follow our link on the Lakemount Website or call ext. 226. Helpful Resources:

We believe in the power of blessing, so you can expect us to celebrate special times like graduations and birthdays.

If you would like us to come and bless your new home when you move please contact Pastor Ruth Teakle at ext. 226.