Small Groups are not a program, but a way of life in this house

In Small Groups people can develop intimate relationships for spiritual growth, receive pastoral care, encouragement and empowerment (and occasional manicures or Harley rides). Small Groups meet at a time convenient for the participants and at a place conducive for building community – normally this would be a home. (But we have been known to hang out at beaches, arenas and coffee shops too!) Small Groups are not a program of Lakemount Worship Centre, but a way of life in this house.Within the broad context of this definition, Small Groups assume a variety of formats.

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Types of Groups

A bridge group invites you to make connection. As the dictionary says “is a structure that provides passage over a gap or a barrier”. Bridges help us to find each other and offer this opportunity with limited time investment.

Examples: once a month dinners, date nights, Girlfriends, etc.

These are identified as short term but intense units of study or interest.

I.E. every week for 6–12 wks.

Examples: Marriage Preps, New Believers, Living A Transformed

Life, God’s Masterpiece, Beautiful Outlaw.

Meet less regularly but maintain the same group membership

Examples: Partnering Ministries, Lead Team, SOZO, etc.

These groups usually meet twice a month from october to may. This type of group appeals to those who like to make more intimate connections with greater personal commitment to the group.

Examples: Moms and Babes, etc.

For those who have crazy schedules and travel issues these would be topic specific and bible centered discussion based, 3 – 4 people maximum.

Groups classified as prayer groups function somewhat differently, as their main purpose is prayer, connection is secondary.

Examples: Prayer for the Nations, Gatekeepers, Wednesday Lunch Corporate Prayer, SOZO Prayer Ministry, etc.

Each of these groups meet throughout the year at specifically scheduled times appropriate to their group. group membership may fluctuate and most of these groups are open to new members on an ongoing basis.

Examples: Champions (50+ plus), Breathe (Women in Leadership), Digital Photography, etc.

All Christians are called to serve. Jesus served his disciples and called his disciples to serve. As we serve, we are expressing our love to God. These groups meet specifically to benefit others.

Examples: Guest Services, Aim, Sew On Fire, Outreach Missions, etc.