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Training and equipping servant leaders with a lifelong commitment to the presence of God and their Local Church

An Internship is a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves ministry opportunity where you will be trained and discipled by experienced ministry leaders. This is more than just a year of training—it’s an invitation to grow in your knowledge of God, increase your dependence on the Holy Spirit, and further the mission of Jesus launching people into a variety of careers and ministries.

Training & Equipping

You'll receive quality training in theology by world-class teachers and pastors. But more than head knowledge, you'll also get hands-on experience in various aspects of ministry, serving alongside fellow interns and experienced leaders to help advance God's kingdom.

Discipleship & Growth

You'll have opportunities to engage with God personally and profoundly through regular discipleship and personalized growth plans. This is not for the faint of heart. You will be challenged in your faith and tested in your calling.

Structure & Flexibility

You have room to grow. You'll thrive in an atmosphere that provides the structure needed for discipleship and the flexibility needed to change, be creative, and discover who God has designed you to be.

Class Highlights

  • Growing In Prayer
  • How to be Emotionally Free
  • Calling & Anointing
  • Operating in the Prophetic
  • Worship
  • Father’s Love
  • Hosting the Presence
  • Healing
  • Leadership
  • Evangelism
  • Kingdom Finance
  • End of year missions trip


  • Matt & Lisa Tapley
  • Shelly Calcagno
  • Mark & Jenni Colwell
  • Joel Dumaine
  • John Finnochio
  • John Hawley
  • Grant & Kathy Mullen
  • Barry Adams – Fathers Heart Ministries
  • Faytene Grasseschi – 4MY Canada
  • Gary Heyes – Speak Life Canada
  • Crystal Lavallee – I AM Compelled
  • Paul Richardson – CEO Bible League Canada
  • Dr. Matt Tonnos – New Life Chiropractic
  • Lakemount Staff
  • and MORE!


How long is an internship?

Internships are a total of 8 months long and begin with a one-month trial period.
September 13, 2017 – May 16, 2018

How many hours a week will my internship be?

Interns will serve a minimum of 25 hours a week doing ministry and should estimate 5-10 hours a week in addition to that for training, study, and additional requirements. We also want to ensure interns are taking a day off to rest each week.

What happens during the one-month trial period?

The trial period allows time for interns to become familiar with their ministry assignment and make sure that the internship is a good fit for both the intern and the church or department. It is not uncommon for the first couple of months of an internship to be filled with excitement. As time passes, the challenges of ministry surface and start to expose idols of the heart. Intern sponsors will get to know the interns more during the trial period, provide feedback and witness how interns are responding to the trials, living a life of repentance, and growing in dependence on the Holy Spirit. If an intern is not demonstrating commitment, integrity, and humility they may not be accepted to continue with the internship.

Why are the internships 8 months?

We want to provide every opportunity possible for our interns to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, in their practical ministry experience, and in learning what it means to make disciples. That requires a lengthy but worthwhile time commitment from church leaders and interns.

Who can be an intern?

Internships are open to anyone who meets the following qualifications:

Calling - Acts 20:28

From pastors to intern, the Holy Spirit is the one who calls and empowers leaders within the church. The first question you need to ask of yourself is, “Am I called by God to be an intern at Lakemount Worship Centre for this next season in my life?”

Character - 1 Timothy 3:8-13

Those called by God to do an internship will be equipped by God to qualify as an intern. We’re looking for men and women that already meet the qualifications of a deacon set forth in 1 Timothy 3. In addition to those mentioned in 1 Timothy, humility is a keystone character trait for those called to be an intern.

Competency - 2 Timothy 2:2

An intern will be humble, teachable, and able to grow in their giftedness. There will be past and present indicators of faithfulness and fruitfulness in the gospel. The testimony of others who know the intern will be consistent with his or her own claims.

What will my ministry assignment be?

Every ministry department will be accepting interns. Your placement will depend primarily on ministry needs as well as your interests, gifts, skill set, calling, interview process, and the discernment of the intern sponsor. Some of the opportunities include: Pastoral Care, Young Adults, Youth, Media & Production, Worship, Kids Ministry, Prayer, Guest Services/New Believers, Missions etc.

What are the housing options for interns?

Find your own housing
The most common option is for our interns to take the initiative and find a place to live. This option makes the most sense for interns who are married and have children. Single interns may wish to find a place together. We can help you find out who is looking for a roommate. We do not recommend that you live alone.

Find a roommate in the eBulletin
The Ebulletin is a weekly email that goes out to the congregation and is a good place to find roommates or someone who may have an extra room you can rent, but we suggest you use caution and wisdom when choosing who to live with.

Will I be paid for my internship?

Internships at Lakemount Worship Centre are unpaid. That means our interns need to develop a plan as to how they will financially support themselves during their internship and still have a day off to rest each week. This is especially true for interns who have a family to support (spouse and children). It is up to the intern to determine how much money he/she needs to survive. A part of the assessment phase of the application process involves making sure applicants have a plan in place for their finances.

What about holidays?

You will be given time off for Christmas Break and a reading week at the end of February. If you are required to travel to be with family, we ask that you let us know ahead of time so that your ministry responsibilities are taken care of.

More questions?

Please contact


Acceptance into the Intern Experience will be determined by your application portfolio, references, and an interview. Three factors contribute in determining whether it is the right time for you to be an intern at Lakemount Worship Centre:

Spiritual Authority: We want to know that the spiritual authorities in your life (parents, pastors, and leaders) all agree that this is the right training environment for you at this time.

Personal Life: Spiritual maturity and preparedness are key factors in determining entrance into this program. In order to be considered for acceptance you must have been committed to a local church for 6 months.

Finances: You must demonstrate financial stability in order to become an intern. Interns are not permitted to work full time jobs. Interns may work part time (around 20 hours per week) as long as it does not interfere with the Intern Experience schedule.

Application Steps:

Apply Now

Now accepting applications for Fall 2017

Please complete each part of the application.

Once all the application components are in, an interview will be scheduled with one of the intern staff members. You will find out your acceptance during the interview, or within a week after.

*Additional fundraising will be done for the end of year missions trip

Daily Schedule

The Intern Experience was developed to facilitate the training concepts of instruction, mentoring and practical experience within the local church. Everything we do is built upon this foundation, and prayer is the mortar that holds it all together.

This is what a typical week will look like:
Monday - Day off / Encounter*
Tuesday - 9 to 4 / Night off
Wednesday - 12 to 8 / Greenhouse
Thursday - 9 to 4 / Night off
Friday - Day off / Youth*
Saturday - Day off (unless there is a ministry requirement or special event)
Sunday - 8 to 1 (serve one/attend one)
*Choose one of these area's of ministry involvement


At 9:00am sharp you’ll start your day seeking God in corporate prayer. You will learn how to pray with a genuine hunger for God and an authentic passion that goes deeper than religion. As an Intern, we want you above all else to be intimately acquainted with the voice of God. Prayer is where that happens.

Classroom Experience

The remainder of your morning will be instruction sessions including courses in biblical content, practical ministry, and relevant life issues that equip each Intern with foundational truths that build character and knowledge essential for Kingdom service. Our instructors are proven ministers with a passion to empower you toward a life of intimacy with Christ and Kingdom leadership. In addition you will be taking an online course with Global Legacy University and we will allow time to work on this at least one afternoon each week.

Ministry Experience

One afternoon a week will consist of serving in an area of ministry and receive mentoring from one of the staff Pastors.

Monday or Friday nights

You will be asked to participate in ONE of our emerging generation services that take place throughout the week. You will serve as a part of the leadership team and assist the overseeing pastor as necessary.

Monday nights - Encounter Young Adults
Friday nights – Lakemount Youth

Wednesday nights

One night a week you’ll be spending time building relationships and ministering in the context of our Lakemount family at The Greenhouse. It is a time to be mentored by some of our best leaders and to see your own leadership skills develop as you interact with others in life-giving accountability relationships.


Sunday mornings start at 8:30am with all hands on deck preparing for the service. Whether thats serving in Guest Services, Kids Ministry, Media, Prayer, Worship etc. we want you to come expecting a move of God. Occasionally we hold More Services on Sunday nights, and you will also be required to be in involved.

Graduation Requirements:
School Assignments Completed
Ministry Involvement
Tuition Payments
Godly Character/Fruit