Board of Deacon Nomination

NO anonymous applications will be accepted. Please fully complete this form to ensure that it is processed.
  • Nomination

    I submit the name of the following person to be reviewed by the leadership for possible inclusion on the slate of nominees for Deacon at the next Congregational Members’ Meeting:
  • By Submitting this from I am saying,

    I have carefully read the Nomination Requirements and I am in agreement with the stated qualifications. I understand that the role of Deacon at LWC includes responsibility for administrative oversight, and have prayerfully selected a nominee that I believe is suitably gifted. I understand that the nomination committee may contact me for further comments and that according to our local church constitution, “The nominations shall be in writing, signed by the nominator and submitted without the knowledge of the nominee.” I understand that every name recommended will go through careful and prayerful scrutiny by the leadership and not all persons nominated will be accepted as candidates.