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If you are interested in renting our facility for a special event, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Requests usually should be received at least twenty (20) days in advance of the activity. You will be given a response to your request within ten (10) days of submitting it.

Note: All events require a Certificate of Insurance.

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Final prices depend on the room booking criteria set out by Lakemount Worship Centre.

  • Gym Use: $18/hour
  • Per Room Cost: Starting at $75/hour
  • Major Event Cost: Starting at $600/day.
  • Additional ½ Day: Starting at $250

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The Trillium Foundation

Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation we were able to purchase equipment and create a fully-functional gymnasium that can host a broad range of community-focused sports, events and recreational activities in Grimsby.

Rules & Regulations

  1. CHARGES. Payment must be submitted in full, or the first payment submitted (in the case of monthly or quarterly payments) along with post-dated cheques or credit card submission for the balance, before the first date of use. The Licensee is responsible to pay Lakemount the following charges: a) rental fees; b) costs for clean-up of facilities, based on Lakemount’s wages; c) costs for security services including facility opens and closes; and d) damages to facilities and/or equipment.
  2. SUITABILITY OF FACILITIES. Lakemount provides no stated or implied warranty as to the suitability or condition of the facilities for the Licensee’s purposes; and the Licensee accepts the facilities on an “as is” basis at the Licensee’s own risk.
  3. RESPONSIBILITY FOR FACILITIES/DAMAGES. The Licensee shall maintain the License Area in a sanitary, tidy, and safe condition, to a standard consistent with that set by the Board and the administration of Lakemount, and will leave the License Area in good repair at the end of the License. The Licensee must leave the space used in exactly the condition in which it was upon arrival including placement of furniture and equipment. The Licensee shall pay Lakemount for the costs of any repairs (including reasonable charges for staff time, equipment and materials) that arise directly from the Licensee’s operations, reasonable wear and tear excepted. The Licensee is not permitted to perform any repair or maintenance work on the License Area, other than day to day light cleaning. The Licensee will use the License Area for the purposes set out in the license only.

     The Licensee will be responsible for the use and safe-keeping of, and any damage caused to or by any and all of their own equipment, supplies and chattels while on Lakemount property. The Licensee will remove all of their own equipment, supplies and chattels at the conclusion of the rental period. The Licensee will be responsible for the costs of any repair, cleaning or moving of the equipment required while on Lakemount property.
  4. INCIDENT REPORTING REQUIREMENT. An Incident Report form must be completed and submitted (available through the church office) within forty-eight (48) hours whenever: a) medical/first-aid attention is administered; b) loss or damage to Lakemount property occurs.
  5. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS AND LICENSING REQUIREMENTS. The Licensee shall comply at its expense with all fire, safety, health and governmental and other regulatory authority requirements applicable to the Licensee or the Program including food safety, service and health permits. The Licensee will pay all required fees as they become due and will maintain all required licenses in good standing.
  6. COMPLIANCE WITH LOCAL REGULATIONS. The Licensee shall comply with rules made by the by the Board and Administration of Lakemount.
  7. SMOKING PROHIBITION. The Licensee shall ensure that there is no smoking on the License Area and shall make its best efforts to ensure that there is no smoking within eight meters of exterior doors, or in Lakemount building by any of the Licensee’s employees, volunteers, clients or invitees. If smoking persists by any of the above, the License will be cancelled.
  8. ALCOHOL. The Licensee shall ensure that there is no consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premise or grounds of Lakemount Worship Centre by any of the Licensee’s employees, volunteers, clients, or invitees. If alcohol is consumed, the License will be cancelled.
  9. NON TRANSFERABLE. Licenses will be issued to the user group stated on the application only. Licenses or licensed space may not be transferred, sublet, or lent out to groups other than the group stated on the application.
  10. AMENDMENT OR CANCELLATION BY LICENSEE. Where the Licensee wishes to cancel or amend a signed license, this must be done by providing notice in writing to Administration at Lakemount, by email at [email protected], fax (905) 945-8630, or by mail (54 North Service Rd., Grimsby, ON L3M 1Y8). To receive a refund, notice in writing must be provided no less than five business days in advance of the cancellation. User groups will be charged an amendment fee of $25 for any cancellations.
  11. PREEMPTION OF USAGE. The Licensee acknowledges that its use of facilities provided herein may be preempted when required for Lakemount functions such as an unforeseen funeral. In such cases, Lakemount will endeavour to provide the Licensee with appropriate notice. Substitute space in the building will not normally be made available. A refund or credit will be provided.
  12. CANCELLATION. Lakemount may cancel or revoke either specific usage or a contract without cause and the Licensee will have no claim or right to damages or reimbursement on account of any loss, damages or expense arising there from. The Licensee will also have no preferential or historical rights to facilities that are available, or become available, which are not covered on the Licensee’s license, should Lakemount cancel or revoke that license.
  13. ABUSE OF PRIVILEGES. Lakemount reserves the right to cancel rental privileges pursuant to this license and the privilege to enter into future licenses, where there has been abuse of rental privileges or negligence in complying with the conditions outlined here.
  14. INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS. The Licensee shall indemnify and hold harmless Lakemount and its officers, employees, servants, agents and contractors from any and all loss, liability, claims or expenses arising out of the use and/or occupation of property belonging to Lakemount by the Licensee and any of its officers, employees, servants, agents, contractors and volunteers, except to the extent that such loss arises from the independent negligence of Lakemount.
  15. WAIVER OF SUBROGATION. The Licensee hereby agrees to waive all rights of subrogation or recourse against Lakemount with respect to the use and/or occupation by the Licensee of the premises described in this license.
  16. INSURANCE. The Licensee is responsible for obtaining its own property insurance to protect personal property of the Licensee or that of its staff or invitees located in Lakemount’s building or property. The Licensee shall maintain at its own expense liability insurance as follows: Comprehensive General Liability insurance on an occurrence basis with respect to the Licensee’s activities at Lakemount. The limit of such insurance shall be at least $2,000,000 inclusive per occurrence. This insurance shall name the Lakemount Worship Centre, 54 North Service Road, Grimsby, ON as an additional insured with respect to liability or damage arising out of the use or occupancy of Lakemount property by the Licensee. It shall include a cross liability clause and tenant’s legal liability insurance. The Licensee’s policies off insurance shall require that Lakemount receive 30 days notice of material change or cancellation. The policies shall be placed with insurers licensed in Ontario. The Operator shall provide Lakemount with evidence of such coverage in the form of an insurance certificate.